Top 5 Genres in Telenovelas


Here is a list of all the Romantic Telenovelas that were so popular within the latin audience:

  • Tierra de Reyes (2014)
  • Soy Tu Dueña (2010)
  • Alla te Espero (2012)
  • Destilando Amor (2007)
  • Pasion de Gavilanes (2004)
  • Pura Sangre (2016)


One thing that all of these telenovelas have in common is that they all have a Happy Ending, which is one of the reasons why the audience watch it, especially the female audience. People tend to like a happy ending where the couple in the storyline end up getting married at the end. Also what they like about this genre is that they know how it will end but they still watch it as it is a way of being entertained.




Here is a list of all the comedian Telenovelas that were so popular within the latin audience:

  • Betty la Fea (2001)
  • Los Reyes (2005)
  • Pobre Ricos (2013)
  • Una Familia Con Suerte (2011)
  • Made in Cartagena (2012)
  • El Man es German (2010)


One of the reasons why people tend to watch telenovelas within this particular genre is because it is suitable for audiences of all ages. It helps bring the family together. Also, it has been said that it helps reduce a level of stress. For example, if you come home from work and sit down to watch a funny episode of their favorite telenovela you will instantly feel better as you forget all of your worries.

One of most successful telenovela of this genre: Comedy is “Yo Soy Betty La Fea (I am Ugly Betty)”, which was produced by RCN a Colombian Network. It was so successful that the United States produced its own version of the telenovela Ugly Betty.


3.Teen Drama

Here is a list of all the Teen Drama Telenovelas aimed at teenagers:

  • Rebelde (2006)
  • A Mano Limpia (2010)
  • Mama Tambien (2013)

One of the things that I like most about teen dramas Telenovelas is the way that they portray the lives of high school teenagers in Latin America and their issues coming-of-age topics that most teenager watching them can relate too.


For example, Rebelde (Rebel) is a telenovela about a group of teenagers who attend a prestigious private boarding high school in Mexico City where they have to face many challenges while forming a pop band. The series was so successful among teenagers that the actual band named RBD went touring internationally.



Here is a list of all the Historical Telenovelas that were so popular within the latin audience:

  • La Pola (2010)
  • La Ronca de Oro (2014)
  • Hermanitas Calle (2016)
  • Esclava Blanca (2016)
  • La Niña (2016)

Another genre of Telenovelas that is so popular withing the audiences are the Historical Telenovelas, which are set in the past, such as in the colonial period. One of the reasons why people tend to watch these types of telenovelas are because it is a way of getting educated and learn about the important events that happened in the past.


One example of a historical telenovela is  La Esclava Blanca (The white slave) which is about slavery. La Esclava Blanca is telenovela that shows the era of slavery in Colombia back in the 19th century. It tells the story of a white slave named Victoria who was raised by slaves who she considers them to be her family after her biological family died in a house fire. After witnessing how her family is treated she seeks justice and manages to free her family from slavery.



Here is a list of all the Narconovelas Telenovelas that were so popular within the latin audience:

  • El cartel de Los Sapos (2008)
  • La Reina del Sur (2011)
  • Las Muñecas de la Mafia (2010)
  • El Señor de Los Cielos (2013)
  • Pablo Escobar (2012)

Why are audiences captivated by Narconovelas?
One of the reasons why the audience enjoys watching Narconovelas is because the audience are attracted to the real life events that happened during that era where drug manufacturing was happening the most so, therefore, they are intrigued to see where the storyline will take them, which creates an adrenaline rush for the audience, as they are left guessing what is going to happen in the next episode. For example, the audience are intrigued to see if the bad guy will get caught or who will die next etc.


According to Nelson Martinez, an executive producer for El Cappo states that: “Colombia has always been the audiovisual mecca on this continent. Our dramas stand out from other producers in Latin America. It’s amazing how an anti-hero like a narco-trafficker captivates audiences – he is at once complex yet human and that’s why people fall in love with him.”





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