Netflix- Narcos


Narcos is a series created by Netflix, which tells the story of one of the biggest drug lords in Colombia, Pablo Escobar.  Overall the series has had 2 seasons so far. Season 1 starts from the beginning of Pablo Escobar life and how he become a drug lord back in the 1970s. It shows the main events that happened during the period that Pablo Escobar was in power. Although the story is told from the perspective of an American DEA Agent Steve Murphy who was working in Colombia.


As a Native Spanish speaker, one thing that I do not like about the Netflix series Narcos is the different accents that each character has, which therefore does not make the series authentic and realistic. For example, the actor Warner Moura, who plays the Colombian drug lord is, in fact, Brazilian which therefore doesn’t really portray  Pablo Escobar very well, as the accent is very important as he had the Paisa accent .  Furthermore, Paulina Gaitán the actor who played Pablo’s wife is, in fact, Mexican and therefore had the Mexican accent.  To a non-native speaker, the accents may not be a huge deal to them as they do not know how to distinguish the different Colombian accents as they only read the subtitles on screen.

Another thing that I dislike about the series is how they portrayed Pablo Escobar in a negative way. It is true that Pablo was one of the biggest and most dangerous drug lords there ever was in Colombia and caused a lot of damage, but he also helped a lot of innocent people who lived in poverty. One of the reasons why Pablo helped his community was because he was born into a poor household and therefore did not have the opportunity to finish his education which is why he went into the business of manufacturing and smuggling drugs.
People often do not talk about the good side of Pablo Escobar as he is always portrayed in a bad way. Pablo was always willing to help his people by sharing his money and wealth with his community, by providing shelter and jobs for those who needed it. In his hometown, Pablo was often referred to as “The Godfather’ by the people. During his lifetime Pablo managed to construct housing project for people to live in. He also funded the Colombian soccer team and leagues, build churches, schools, and hospitals across the country, which showed how much he did for his country.


Although the Netflix version of Narcos does not show this side of Pablo Escobar, as it is only shown from the perspective side of the American DEA Agent Steve Murphy. According to, Pablo Escobar’s son states that the Netflix show Narcos is insulting as it has historical errors in the actual events that happened.



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